Hello from Buenos Aires

Hello to everyone checking in.

I´ve been in Buenos Aires a week now and am settling in fine. The flight was long -flying via Canada is not the quickest route as an offical at Toronto Airport helpfully pointed out. My apartment is a good size, lovely views, newly refurbished and secure. Although it´s the middle of the summer holidays here, I´ve begun to meet other students from various countries and some of the staff too. The term kicks off at the end of February with the option of a 3 week intensive course in Hebrew - I´m thinking about it...Until then, I´m busy settling in and getting to know the city. It´s been hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms clearing the air at night. The city seems busy but I´m told is very quiet as everyone is away at the beach. On Monday I began Spanish classes at the University of Buenos Aires language school and so far so good.

Now for a few initial reflections, although I´m a little hesitant after being here just a week.

The Buenos Aires Herald noted on Sunday that poverty in Argentina increased ten fold between 1974 and 2004. Despite being one of the richest countries in Argentina for many years, following an economic crisis a few years ago, the country has suffered. Many people have several jobs to help them meet living costs. In line with many other countries, levels of poverty often correspond to ethnicity. Buenos Aires is a very European city in its ethnic make up, and across the country indigenous people today make up a very small percentage of the population, often the most marginalised. Globalization is very evident - internet cafes and mobile phone shops are everywhere, along with many global brands. And in temperatures of 35 degrees, Argentines celebrate Christmas surrounded by Santa Claus and reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes.

more soon.


Paul Critchley said…
Hello from Swindon - OK so not as exciting and tropical as BA, but still...

Glad you're there safely and settling in.

Like your reflections on celebrating Christmas - when I was in Saudi Arabia it always seemed wierd that you could buy Christmas cards with stable and snow scenes on them, even though it was a hot, humid Islamic state and you were surrounded by desert!

Look forward to hearing more from your experiences!
Anonymous said…
Hi Rachel. this is Pat, in Switzerland - unfortunately we didnt get to meet in person. are your studies at ISEDET by any chance?
enjoy the Summer!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Rachel - it is good to hear from you. I am glad your journey went well and that you are settling into your new apartment. I hope the decor is pink.

Orlando sends his regards. Sue