Argentine quiz

Ten questions about Argentina to distract you from work, study or other distractions. You can post your answers on the comments page or wait to see mine next week.

1.Easy one to start with, What team is Maradona most closely associated with? (and what did you make of the documentary with Gary?)

2.Who is Martí­n Fierro?

3.What is the approximate size of Argentina's Jewish community: 5,000; 80,000; or 400,000?

4. Which literary legend of Argentina once claimed:
The central fact of my life has been the existence of words and the possibility of weaving those words into poetry.

5.How many Argentines died during the Falklands war or Guerra de las Malvinas?

6.¡Che! ¿Este cheno vamos a tomar feca con chele y vamos a bailar gotan? What form of Buenos Aires slang am I using?

7.What Argentine film is this picture from? And how many Argentine films have you seen?

8.The Gran Chaco crosses the borders of which South America countries?

9.Where would you find a porteño?

10.Maté is drunk everywhere in Argentina, Uruguay and elsewhere, but what are the rules for drinking it?