feliz pascua

christ is the morning star
who when the night of this world is past
brings to his saints
the promise of the light of life
and opens everlasting day

Easter Day. I celebrated with the crowds at the Catholic Basilica on Plaza Flores. Squeezing past the latecomers group at the door, I moved up the side of the church until I was lost in the body(s) of Christ. I rested against a marble pillar singing alleluias. Next to me, the last confessional post received a steady stream of penitents. The priest robed in white and purple, lent to listen as the crowds stood and kneeled, praised and prayed. We kissed peace, strangers all: an woman with bleached-yellow hair, an old man with a firm grip, two flower girls smiling with delight.

This is my body.


Anonymous said…
Hi Rachel,

Not left a comment for a long while so thought I should!


We had John Bell from the Iona Comnunity with us this year at Easter School and he led our Maundy Thursday service - very special evening.

Though thank goodness that's my last Easter School done and dusted!

Am off to work with four churches in Lancashire from September and my wife is now looking to Ministerial Training too!! All go in the Critchley household!

Glad to see that you are keeping well - are you in Argentina for much longer?!

Much love,

rachel said…
Hi Paul.
Lovely to hear from you! Although I'm envious of John Bell Maundy Thursday service!! Pleased that things are coming together for your next step as a family. All fine here - I'm at the start of my second year here (out of three) and feeling like I'm finally getting more of a focus for my research.
best wishes for wrapping up STETS time and the move, and Jo's new adventures too!