and the ongoing energy crisis

The current cold spell has highlighted Argentina's energy crisis. I don't know all the statistics, the whys and wherefores, but I can tell you it is cold here and part of the reason is the shortage in gas and electricity.

At the women's group today, one woman reported she had had no light (I think meaning also, no electricity) all monday, the day of the snow, and tuesday. In the college where I live, the heating is rationed for want of a better word. No central heating weekends and holidays (such as monday, the day of the snow). Coming home yesterday the bus passed a snake's tail of a queue leading towards the petrol station, as cab drivers stood alongside their black and yellow taxis complaining about the rise in petrol prices. The shortage of fuel has increased other prices too - bread is up 15%. There have been calls to conserve energy, and government has restricted supplies to some industries in order to ensure domestic gas supply (this apparently because if the gas gets cut off, each house has to be reconnected separately).

Last night there were notably fewer crowds out to watch the Argentina v Mexico match, as people stayed at home and tried to keep warm.