a handful of theology blogs

With so many blogs, sometimes a few recommendations help.

New Testament Gateway blog

Who: Mark Goodacre, formerly of University of Birmingham, now at Duke University in the States. The New Testament Gateway is one of the best resources for biblical studies on the web.
When: several posts per week-day
What: New Testaments studies and teaching: links to current hot topics on other blogs and elsewhere; quick, clear information about journals, conferences, new books; work in progress entries on his own research;
Why I like it: up to the minute; generous in his critique of other's opinions (there's nothing worse than vicious bloggers!!); interesting reflections on his own teaching methods and classes - a true reflective practitioner!

Faith and Theology
Who: Ben Myers from the University of Queensland, with regular guest posts from others, including Kim Fabricius, minister at Bethel United Reformed Church, Swansea, Wales.
When: several posts per week-day
What: reformed theology, especially Barth and other nineteenth century German theologians; contemporary theologians, mainly from Europe, USA and Australia; book reviews; hymns, jokes, and short reflections and quotes; clear summaries and introductions to mayor theologians and theological works
Why I like it: a real love of theological study shines through the posts; the summaries and series on e.g. Barth's Church Dogmatics are fresh and helpful; Kim Fabricius's "ten propositions” series.

One Hand Clapping
Who: Julie Clawson, Illinois.
When: daily. Julie also occasionally blogs on the Christian Century blog, Theolog
What: emerging church, with a focus on theology rather than liturgy; social justice and living ethically
Why I like it: again, well written posts that draw you into her theological questioning of books, church or daily routine; reflections on the journey from a more conservative faith to a feminist and justice commitment.

The Faith Between Us
Who:Peter Bebergal and Scott Korb, a conversation between friends, one Jew, one Roman Catholic about belief and unbelief. Based on the East coast of USA. Scott was at Union at the same time as me.
When: a new blog, accompanying the book of the same name, currently every few days.
What: faith, doubts and life in between; religion in the media, book world and academia; faith in daily life.
Why I like it: well written; the sense of listening in on a long standing conversation; windows into the wider literary world of the states.

Worship at Union
Who: Troy Messenger! Union's worship convener
When: a new blog, but currently weekly posts
What: critical reflection on Union's weekday worship, including mini-video summaries.
Why I like it: creativity, diversity and passion; inspiration and resources for inclusive committed worship.

A brief observation: The popular academic theology blogs seem to be dominated by male bloggers. In contrast, spirituality and emerging church focused blogs are more of a mix. Do the academic theology blogs reflect the academic theology scene?