beija-flor technical rehersal

Beija-Flor de Nilópolis were rehersing on Sunday evening at the Sambadrome and, following an evening with rivals Vila Isabel at their weekly pre-carnival party, we went to see Beija-Flor´s technical rehersal.

The Sambadrome was packed to capacity with groups of friends and families enjoying the show. They were singing, cheering and dancing on the terraces (and at least one of them was also eating icecream...this is becoming a habit - samba and icecream - genius!)

O Beija da de de de da
O da de de de da
O Beija Flor!

(We´re still singing in our sleep)

One of the lead dancers, dressed like a king, or a jester, lept and twisted, barely touching the ground. In the photo you can see the ´aunts´ as they´re called - older women belonging to the school who twirl on mass, a swirl of blue and white.

On the drive home (once we´d found the car...), we passed a group of friends dancing samba on the street corner. I love how people take turns to keep the energy levels high. The beat goes on. The dancers call on the crowd, and the crowd responds with louder cheers and faster steps.


david a holgate said…
Nice pic, showing that you are 'really there'.