Anoche. Un baile de tango

They opened up the old Harrod's building on Florida yesterday. It was the second time in twenty years. Someone had repainted the walls a stark white.They had polished the wooden floors and fixed the chandelier lights.

The people came back to visit their old haunt. They sat on the elegant lounge chairs as if nothing had changed in so many years, designer purchases set down beside them. They sipped café cortado and talked about the day's news.

But more than shop, they came to dance. They made a milonga between the smooth wooden pillars. Strangers met for a moment under the pink lights. Glittering gold, bright red zapatos de tango were on display. An old couple lent heavily against each other, as if this were to be their last dance.

Anoche. Un baile de tango, part of the Tango Buenos Aires 10th Festival, recreated scenes from a night at a dance hall. The crowd mingled, partners shifting and changing as the night wore on. A shy couple, stuck at opposite ends of the room, finally met as the last note was struck. A maestro made a couple dance in their sleep, dancing first with the woman, and then with the man. Three girls lept up, all convinced it was at them that the handsome young man had winked. A young woman was rescued by her friend from a man who talked so much he kept missing his steps, and misplacing his dance partner. Three men - one too tall, one too short, and the other too..?, intercepted each other as they sought the hand of a beautiful dancer.

As the night drew to a close, we slipped out into the street and away.

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