si no existe el más allá

Si no existe el más allá, la injusticia del pobre se prolonga eternamente. If there is nothing more, the injustice of the poor will go on for ever.

Colectivo MR is Spanish art critic, Ricardo Ramón Jarne, and Peruvian photographer, Marina García Burgos. Their latest exhibition, currently on display in Buenos Aires, is a collection of portraits of a family from Huancayo, in the Peruvian Andes.

The regional outfits change in each portrait, as does the setting. The scenes were all shot in fashionable Miraflores and San Isidro, the wealthy districts of Lima. The family sit in a luxury restaurant, at a stylish bar; they gather around the exercise machines of a gym, or the clothes of a designer store. In other shots, they sail on a yacht, wait to board a plane, or look out from a private theatre box.

The exhibition suggests that it is still strikingly unusual for pueblos originales to be present in such situations. They are unwelcome and excluded; sometimes directly bared from entrance, more often, unable to afford such experiences. In the fancy restaurants of Lima society, people in traditional dress entertain, but never eat.

One of the photos will be exhibited later this year at the National Portrait Gallery in London, I think as part of the
Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2008.

Photo via this blog. See also this report.


Thomas said…
Hi Rachael,

Where is the Exibit at? I'd like to go see it.

Rachel said…
Hi Thomas

The exhibition is at Galería Enlace at Guido 1725 in Recoleta. You should check it is still on. The opening hours were 1300-1600 when I went last week.

Thanks for stopping by!