a perfect palermo morning

Just as I like San Telmo because it feels so Buenos Aires, I like Palermo because it doesn't.

Palermo is full of ex-pats and exclusive boutiques. The skyline is yet uncrowded and the parks are green. One of my favourite cafés (oh, there are so many...) is there - Mark's. So this morning I went first to Miles CD and bookstore, where I finally bought La Pasajera by Perla Suez. And then onto Mark's for a frozen and fresh limonada and choc-chip cookie (if you were to do a comparison with yesterday's post, you would see a pattern emerging).

I crossed the rail tracks, sizzling in the heat, and into Palermo Hollywood, where I met a friend for lunch at Arevalito. We like this small, fresh vegetarian café, but agree it's not the same since it moved from behind the orange door.