hello to STETS visitors

Welcome to visitors from STETS. There won't be much on this blog until I move to Argentina in the new year but do come back and visit then. I hope to post something each month.

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best wishes



Alan Dover said…
You are now linked on the STETS web page under Resources! Well that is where Philip recommended.
All the very best on your new adventure.

STETS web page servant! Alan Dover
Liz Gifford said…
You wont remember mew Rachel , I left in 02. Best wishes to you... why Argentina??
rachel said…
hi liz - i do remember you. Thanks for your comment. I chose Argentina because the seminary there was pretty much the only place i could do a doctorate in LA feminist theology. hope all is well with you.
Julie Minns said…
Hello Rachel, what a good idea this is. I hope you are settling in and finding preparations for Christmas both fresh and rooted in all that we believe about Incarnation
Alison Parker said…
Hi Rachel
I just posted a comment on your latest posting. It is great to have a way to follow your travels.