God's love for all

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

After all I said about bishops, here's one I was delighted to see! As was the whole assembly who greeted Desmond Tutu with a standing ovation. He spoke of the importance of international support for the struggle against apartheid in South Africa:
We too can only make it together - we can only be safe together. We can be prosperous only together. We can survive only together. We can be human only together.

He went on to remind us that every person belongss to God's family and thus our enemies are not God's enemies:
Bush, bin Laden, all belong, gay, lesbian, so-called straight - all belong and are loved, are precious.

From www.wcc-assembly.info

Continuing that theme of God's inclusive love, one of today's workshops considerered how churches can better welcome gay and lesbian people. Some of the practical suggestions where to include stories of gay and lesbian people in sermons and prayers, to display signs of welcome, such as the rainbow flag or a statement of welcome in the church notices, and to develop a culture of inclusion in the congregation.

I'm v tired again from the day so no more for now.