journey to Porto Alegre

Hi everyone

I've arrived safely in Porto Alegre and checked into my hotel (a shrine to Seventies brown). The journey here was amazing, beginning with an early ferry crossing to Colonia in Uruguay - sun shining and water sparkling. From Colonia to Montevideo the bus travelled through gentle countryside - palm trees, cattle wading, beautiful horses, and isolated farms. The next stage involved an overnight bus (very comfortable though) from the Uruguyan capital along the coast. We stopped at various holiday towns along the way before heading out further east where the coast is less commercialised. This morning I woke to views of lush green forests and fields, before crossing several of the 5 rivers that surround Porto to arrive. From a distance the city skyline shimmered over the water, up close it's busy with street sellers, business workers...and many WCC Assembly participants. Off now to read through my handbook and meet up with friends. Thanks for all from Beckminster who sent greetings to the churches here.