Semana Santa: ¡Felices Pascuas!

Happy Easter to you all. Here we celebrated with a breakfast of hot coffee and medialunas before a service of communion. On a crisp autumnal morning, we sang Christ has risen and gave thanks for Christ who brings life out of death.

I enjoyed reading a liturgy for Maundy Thursday from the St James' Uniting Church, Curtin, Australia, that reflects the different season in which the southern hemisphere encounters Easter.
God is the heart of life.
And we are the heartbeat.
May our hearts be filled
with thanks and praise and songs of joy.
We rejoice in the miracle of life
and delight in our participation...

In this season of transition
as the leaves begin their subtle change of colour
and our hearts cling to the warmth as the days shorten,
once again we are reminded,
that new possibilities can rise from our failures
or disappointments
or what has come to an end.

We give thanks for all the influences in our lives
that have helped us to see beyond the present:
that teach us to combine labour and rest,
that bring us the cycles of time and season,
that sustain us when we are in need.
God loves in us.
God cares through us.
God laughs in us.
God cries in us, as nowhere else.

Especially we give thanks for Jesus of Nazarath,
gatherer of folk,
teller of stories,
breaker of bread,
pourer of wine,
weaver of lives.


Anonymous said…
Can't see you on the picture. Don't believe that you were actually out of bed for early morning!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hello again and a very Happy Easter to you!

Paul C
rachel said…
I was there -really!
Philip Richter said…
What a fascinating liturgy, grounded in Autumn and not in Spring. I take it that you didn't see too many daffodils either!
rachel said…
No daffodils or crocus sorry Philip. But lots of pink blossoms of the national flowering tree, the Ceibo or Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli).