Semana Santa: Little Apocalypse

This time I know I'm out-of-step, but I tend to read Mark 13 (also called the Little Apocalypse) today.

I've just got back from my class at UBA - the University of Buenos Aires. Queuing for coffee outside of the Che Guevara Lecture Hall I reflected that UBA has a certain apocalyptic feel about it: the crumbling edifice, anti-imperial graffiti and gathering crowds. In class the theme continued as we studied utopian workers movements during the Industrial Revolution and their visions of new relationships and harmony between men and women, workers and owners. To return to the coffee queue, new ways of working together were summed up by those serving café o maté since they were part of one of many companies that had been reclaimed as co-operatives by former employees during the economic crisis of 2002.

In Mark 13, Jesus repeatedly urges the disciples to be alert. Latin American liberation theologians likewise encouraged us to read the signs of the times. Today I'm reminded to keep watch in all I do.

Lastly today I continued reading into Mark 14 and Jesus' anointing at Bethany, doing so
in remembrance of her.