blogging as theological reflection

This one is for all the STETS students!

I noticed an entry on Mark Goodacre's blog exploring the idea of blogging as theological reflection. You can read it by clicking here. The questions come from Francis Ward.

Amongst the wide range of theological blogs out there, some are more reflective, others more informative. One blog that is very much of the reflective type is Real Live Preacher. Click here to read a recent entry

For myself, I've found it useful to have a space and a reason to reflect on my experiences on a weekly (usually!) basis. The possibility that others will read my thoughts keeps me a little more focused and responsible than a private journal would. It also helps people keep connected with your journey, especially those you may not be in regular contact with otherwise. When I was back in the UK in May, it was great to have conversations that began from something I had posted on my blog, rather than people not really knowing what I was doing.