patagonia preview

The other day I sat down for a cup of tea and a nice long chat with my good friend Robert Redford. Ok, so it was a dream, but still. I actually think Robert and I would have lots to talk about: independent films, horses, NYC, card scams, Patagonia...So now can you see where I am going with this? As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently read Bruce Chatwin's In Patagonia in preparation for our visit which begins today. Chatwin recounts a theory that Butch and the Kid weren't killed in Bolivia but settled down on a ranch in Patagonia. I promise to keep my eyes pealed for any Redford lookalikes and will report back in a week's time.

Here are some of the places we will be visiting (more info here)

Puerto Madryn to see the whales and...

the welsh at Trelew (Welsh teas, yum, yum)

Then it's on to El Calafate and the blue glaciers

and finally, Ushuaia at the end of the world.


hoper said…
Tu blog es muy interesante. me gustó. Very interested blog. I like it. Do you speak spanish? I would like to keep a contact with you.
Mike Widdup said…
Hi Rachel. Your blogg unexpectedly popped up on my google window this afternoon. God must have had a hand in this as I was only thinking about you today as I hadn't let you know that Susan and I's eldest son Ian died a fortnight ago today after a long and difficult battle against his brain tumours. We are comforted by knowing that he is with our Lord and is at peace at last.

Love & God Bless