with special guests charmian and barrie

This week's post comes to you via guest bloggers charmian and barrie.

The waterfalls were awe inspiring, beyond all expectations. And we really enjoyed drinks at the Sheraton as the sunset over the falls. (Rachel says: Cuba girls - PC sampled, 8/10)

The kamacazi style taxidrivers have given us a few close moments - we're looking forward to seatbelts and indicating lights. Motorbikes seem blind to zebra crossings, especially when you are half way across!

Don't miss tango dancing, San Telmo bars, and the gaucho fair at Mataderos

Our first stop in Patagonia was to see the Southern Right Whales and we weren't disappointed. At one stage there were eight mothers and their calves swiming around the boat and jumping into the air.

In El Calafate we saw this glacier, it's surface as big as Bs As and in constant movement with pieces crashing into the lake.

In the snow at Ushuia, we took a boat down the Beagle Channel (after Darwin) and reached the lighthouse at the end of the world.

Some people never ajusted to Bs As time....


Anonymous said…
Some things never change even on the other side of the world!
from one of the 4 daughters!