love and passion still in fashion

Love cries from a stable trough,
His passion foretold.
Still, we make ready
For a world fashioned anew.

There are 1.8 million people living with HIV/ AIDS in Latin America. Today we are called to account as a global community, and asked why the HIV/ AIDS pandemic still continues to claim the lives of the poor and otherwise marginalized people who remain without medical care, information and support.

As we move into advent, we remember that God has formed us and been formed as one of us, sharing our lives and deaths, our loss and hope. And today we are challenged again to be bearers not of death and loss but of life and hope.
We bless you God
for your passion in creating this world
and your compassion in becoming part of its fabric -
flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone
in Jesus

God beyond our understanding,
Christ within our reach,
Spirit present at all times,
we celebrate your love for us

Take from World AIDS Day service 2006 from Christian Aid by John Bell