colours of salta

on the dust-dry plain,
low lying plants
capture the light
in yellow-green baubles.

under the fierce sky
we stop at a chapel
for San Rafael:
"You who accompanied Tobias
on his journey,
keep us safe on ours."

at the edge
of a cloud-filled valley
we stand like angels
gaze in wonder, awe and peace.

in a haze of luminous green
a flock of parakeets
call out the day's end.

drinking frieda's tea
in a white and gold china cup,
a purple hummingbird
shares the courtyard sun.

three candles flicker low
green, red and gold;
one more welcomes us
at our door.

sky star-spangled
as far below
we fall
into layers of milky white.

two slate-blue ponies
watch us speed by
from under their green tree.