block party

Not the group but what´s happening here in Rio every night, through the night.

Sunday evening, I stood on the terreza of my hostel chatting to the night manager José about his barrio of Santa Teresa, the best places to dance samba in Lapa, and these pre-carnival blocos, as a crowd gathered down in the street below us. The drum-beats were the loudest you´ll ever hear and they echoed up and down the hill. Through the trees we could see people from the barrio dancing faster, their feet spinning and whirling.

´Do you want to go down to join them?´ José asked.

But I´m waiting for Debs to arrive. Two weeks to Carnaval and I need to pace myself.


Dr Dance said…
Forget pacing yourself. You need to build up some stamina. The doctor recommends a period of dancing every night, starting with maybe just 30 minutes.
rachel said…
good advice dr dance! maybe I´ll go join in next time.
yanqui mike said…
Ya know... I heard you can blame ANYTHING on Rio.

Enjoy, baby!


p.s. can you contact me on a personal matter?
rachel said…
will do mike!