things I´ve learnt in portugese class

1. I must not speak spanish.
2. ´Dirty foot´ bars along the beach serve the best sucos or juices.
3. Gender stereotyping (and other prejudices) are there below the surface in the most simple of conversations.
4. Brazil stretches accross about four time-zones. It´s huge.
5. PUC university security, catering and cleaning staff are gorgeously friendly and kind people.
6. Two out of my ten classmates have already been stopped and searched (with a view to a bribe) by the Rio police.
7. I must not speak spanish. ´Haquel! não fava espanhol!
8. 8.20 am is way too early for classes to begin.
9. O nome do blog é terra e estrela.
10. It´s great to be given the time and support to learn a new language.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, I love seeing what people really learn in classes. A gold star to the little people in lesson 5! A raspberry to the police in lesson 6 (or are they paid too little to live on without bribes?).
rachel said…
thanks for your thoughts, anonymous. For sure, I don't know what the police earn, but I do know that the police and military of many countries have developed a violent and corrupt mode of operating that needs to be challenged, whoever is on the receiving end.