1 Congreso de Teólogas Latinoamericanos y Alemanas

I've just got back from the Teologanda conference. It was an excellent three days with some major keynote speakers and a diverse programme of accompanying workshops.

What impressed me most, and in line with previous experiences of Teologanda, was the collaborative style of doing theology. The conference is just one part of a much wider process of developing the production of theology by Latin American women. Teologanda is training and nurturing women theologians, encouraging academic rigor and depth but within a supportive framework.

I presented a workshop paper on the motif of the home in Latin American feminist theologies. Fellow panelists were two theology students from Brazil exploring how the church might respond to domestic violence in light of a new law against domestic violence know as the Maria da Penha law, and a German student who presented a paper on the pastoral theology inscribed within the letters of Ita Ford, a Maryknoll sister murdered during the El Salvador conflict.

As ever, some of the most interesting discussions happened after the official presentations, outside over coffee taken in the sunshine, or around the book stall.

Teologanda are in the midst of publishing a five volume series on Latin American women theologians. Volumes 1 (an annotated bibliography) and 2 (key texts with introductory comments) are already available. Volume 3 (methodology) is set to be published at the end of the year.