adviento 2: consuelo

The second week of Advent encourages us to reflect on the prophets, their passion for justice and their courage to speak the truth. But when I turned to this week's Bible readings, I stopped at the first verse.
Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God (Isaiah 40:1)

It is good to be reminded that the prophets didn't only speak of God's righteous anger; they also spoke of God's compassion and abiding love.

In the film, Junebug, a recently married couple visit his family in North Carolina. In the clip below, we see the varied responses to the son's singing of the hymn, 'Softly and Tenderly.' Surprise, delight, brokenness, and longing are there.

This week's readings tell us that God has not abandoned us. Indeed, God is close at hand.

Believing in God's faithful care, we find a way home - the place we long to be.

This weeks readings are available here.

And, p.s., since I've just finished watching The OC, this clip is particularly fitting...


Anonymous said…
What a great clip. Thanks.
Rachel said…
It is, isn't it? The film is well worth seeing.

Thanks for your comment.