fairtrade fortnight 2009

This past year, £700 million of Fairtrade products were bought in the UK.

Tate & Lyle went Fairtrade last year. Starbucks, Sainsburys, more and more big companies (and lots and lots of small ones) are going Fairtrade. Great!

During Fairtrade Fortnight why not:

Go Bananas - Be part of the world’s biggest Fairtrade banana-eating record attempt. Join in by eating a Fairtrade banana anytime between noon on Friday 6 March and noon on Saturday 7 March.

Buy one of three thousand Fairtrade products - maybe one you've never tried before.

Start campaigning for a Fairtrade Olympics in 2012 - watch out for more details from the Fairtrade Foundation; and for now:
  • Play some Fairtrade games with sports balls – footballs, volleyballs, netballs and basketballs with the Fairtrade mark are all available
  • or, power your Olympian efforts with a Fairtrade banana smoothie (you can even use a pedal-powered smoothie maker!)


Anonymous said…
Beautiful colouring in!!
Rachel said…
Thanks anon!!
Rachel said…
More good news for Fairtrade Fortnight - Cadbury Dairy Milk to go Fairtrade:
All this is indeed fantastic and its a great way to start. The only big but I have are companies like starbucks, this is not fair trade anymore. They are not ecofriendly go to your nearest starbucks and take a look were they prepare the coffee, the water faucet is opened all the time wasting thousand liters of water each day, disposable cups. Its like Herseys launching a fair trade chocolate bar. What happens with the rest of the cacao they buy that is not fair trade and produced in almost slave like conditions?
Rachel said…
Hi Carmina
Thanks for your comment. You make a good point. While Fairtrade status awarded to certain lines or products is a very important step, there are other social and environmental concerns that consumers should continue to raise with the big companies.