wonky tiaras

What I appreciate most about Mark Kermode's weekly film review on Five Live is his direct confrontation of nasty, stupid and dangerous perceptions of women in film.

It's rare for a male media personality to reference Andrea Dworkin; rare for a man to unambigiously criticise films that objectify, sideline, attack and fear women. So even though I don't share his interest in horror movies, or agree with his critique of SATC, I am regularly encouraged by Mark's feminist insight and commitment.

I wish more men would hold other men accountable for their treatment of women. I wish more men were brave enough to apply feminist perspectives to their work. I wish more men promoted strong, healthy, intelligent, independent role models for women and girls.

Mark's recent review of The Young Victoria is a case in point. He praised the film for its portrayal of a young woman finding her own way - yes, in partnership with her beloved Albert, but not at the expense of her own purpose and vision.

And on that theme... I'm loving this from think geek, via the consistently inspirational feministing blog

that introduced me to another man doing the feminist thing - author Robert Munsch and his creation, The Paperbag Princess.

Prince, frog, dragon...who needs them?


david a holgate said…
Perhaps the critique needs to go further: who needs princes and princesses?