Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some other blogs while i'm not blogging

Two blogs I've discovered recently and am very much enjoying:

The Fidra Blog
Children's bookshop and publishers in Edinburgh. Promotes great books for girls (JILL!!!). Critiques not so great books for girls... read the damning review of Twilight, and watch how Buffy might deal Edward's stalking.

Written by Julie Zeilinger, teen feminist. You get trashy pop culture plus feminist critique. What's not to like?! Read Julie on her crush on Zack Efron, but not his film 17 Again. Or see her latest post on Wimbledon's ranking of women players based on 'box office appeal' rather than, er.. tennis? (Is this really true? Along with the 'women player can't shout coz that would be unladylike' crap?)