Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas card

The stories we treasure
The ones we ignore
God’s story at Christmas
Makes room for them all.

Los relatos que guardamos
Los que ignormas
El cuento de Navidad
Tiene espacio para todos.


transformandovida said...

Hola! Rachel, gracias por tu mensaje, también te deseo lo mejor, que en esta navidad Dios conceda los anhelos de tu corazon. Un abrazo Luis Eduardo Cantero

Rachel said...

Gracias Luis Eduardo. Feliz año nuevo a ustedes.

Memo Bernáldez said...

Hello Rachel, the book sounds interesting. As I was reading your intro, I remembered my hometown, Toluca... it doesn't even make it to the Lonely Planet, ha, ha. A traveller cousin once told me he read something like "if you don't have relatives in Toluca, you'd better avoid this city." Sad but true.

Take care... un abrazo


Rachel said...

Hi Memo - how funny! Yes, some towns are only loved by those who call them home!
Hope you are having a good weekend abrazos

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