icecream - the people's choice

So today was hot, hot, hot. So hot we took it in turns to wait at the bus stop, or stand back in the shade.

I took the number 55 bus to meet Eunhye at mi lugar favorito, Mark's in Palermo. The bus was packed ensuring we swayed as one around the (fast) corners, and in and out of the gutter. By twisting in a certain direction, I could see the lines of people chatting in line outside schools and police stations acting as voting stations.

There's not much to say about this election
. Presidente Cristina was a done deal before the election was even announced. There was no escaping her profile plastered over the city, weeks before other candidates emerged. By the way - there's a serious opportunity for marketing agents here; I spent a week thinking one of the candidates was a wanted poster!

It was encouraging to see more women candidates at all levels (president, vice president, senate, governor). But I don't feel Cristina's election is a great step forward for women here. Rather, it demonstrates the small circles power moves within, and thus the lack of real options for the voters.

That said, porteños did all choose something today; a "dry" election 24 hours, and a hot hot city meant, after voting, there was only once option - icecream.

And talking of icecream, a brand new today heladería y café has opened on the corner, making it the third within four blocks. I will do my duty and investigate further...

p.s. photo from the great icecream ireland